Monthly Archives: July 2012

Making a difference.

I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a month or two, and I keep getting stalled out while trying to craft a really attractive announcement for it.  Problem is, the longer I wait the less likely it is to happen.

So here it is – a hasty announcement that I’ve very much been looking forward to:


For the coming months of December and January, you can book me to shoot your wedding for a $5000 donation to a worthy charity.


I haven’t got my list of “approved charities” put together yet, and will be working on that.  If you know of one that you’d really like to contribute to, run it by me and if we both think it’s a great idea, it’ll happen.

I’ll do up to 3 weddings in December and up to 5 in January.  ALSO, Kelsey will be doing the same! The same details apply for her, but the donation amount is $4000 and she’ll be doing up to 2 in December and up to 3 in January.

That’s a potential $60,000 that we could put together into making a difference for the hungry, the impoverished, the sick, the enslaved, the disadvantaged, and the taken advantage of.  I’m SUPER excited to be doing this and using my wedding photography to help those in need, and I’m beyond excited for you to partner with me in it.

It must be towards a cause that we’re both passionate about, and it must go to an efficient charity that we both agree is very well-run.

So here are the details.  For a $5000 donation to a charity that’s approved by both me and you, you’ll receive my standard Package 1:

-up to 9 hours of coverage by Ken and assistant photographer
-digital download of final images with copyright release
-online image gallery
-engagement session

If your wedding is within 4ish hours of SLO County (basically between Napa and Orange County and out into the central valley of CA), I’ll cover travel. If it’s farther than that, I’ll need you to pick up some of the travel tab. If you want an album or other product, standard rates for those will apply.

I will be taking 3 weddings in December, and 5 in January. Make the donation once we’ve both approved the charity, show me the receipt, and I’m all yours. Don’t forget that your gift to charity is tax deductible!

Email me! Book me! Let’s make amazing wedding photos and throw some serious cash at a worthy charity. I can’t wait to see what we can do together. I’m so excited about this!

…and just because no blog post should be without a photo, here’s one from my soon-to-be-blogged wedding of Annie and Trevor at the Dana Powers Barn. 🙂