I thought I’d provide my input as far as wedding coordinators go. Here’s my advice: get one. 🙂

Wedding coordinators can really make things run much more smoothly, and take a lot of the craziness and questions out of a wedding day. They leave you with less things to think about, and more brain-space to enjoy your wedding day. I’ve been to too many weddings where the bride and groom are the ones answering questions and running the schedule on their wedding day, which really shouldn’t be their job. Hiring a coordinator gives you a visible point person for guests and vendors to go to, and lets you not worry about the many details of your wedding day. YOU shouldn’t be the one having to fret about your slideshow DVD missing, staying on schedule, your cake melting, or the wine running out – let someone else do that stuff so you and your new spouse can just enjoy your family, friends, and events of your wedding day.

If you need recommendations, let me know. I know of a few GREAT coordinators in the San Luis Obispo area who are willing to travel too. If you think you don’t have the budget for a coordinator, let me know as well. I have a couple of awesome coordinators that are just getting into the business and are still relatively cheap, but do an awesome job.

And also, it’s my opinion that not having a coordinator at all is better than having a bad coordinator. It’s better to have a bride/groom/etc. as a point person than having a clueless coordinator that doesn’t know what’s going on and is giving bad direction or no direction at all.

So if you need coordinator recommendations, let me know! 🙂